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Sweet & Savory

july menu

These Monthly Flavors are available 7/1-7/31, 2018!

Black & BlueBerry Rock & Rye

TN Blackberries

Wild Blueberries

Slow & Low Rock & Rye Whiskey

CaityPies Cornmeal Crust

Pina Colada Pie (Handpies Only)

Handmade Pineapple Curd

Prichard's Distillery Rum (Whites Creek, TN)

Toasted Coconut & Coconut Milk Glaze

Certified Naturally Grown Egg Yolk - used in fruit curd- Lost Weekend Farms (Madison, TN)

CaityPies Cornmeal Crust

TN BBQ Pie (Handpies Only)

Beard & Bark Smoked Pork Shoulder (Nashville, TN)

Handmade TN BBQ Sauce

Jack Daniels TN Whiskey (Lynchburg, TN)

CaityPies Cornmeal Crust


Caitypies classics menu

This menu is available all year round!

Smoked whiskey apple

Organic Apples

Corsair Triple Smoke Whiskey (Nashville, TN)

Galena's Pie Spice (Nashville, TN)

CaityPies Cornmeal Crust

Rum & Cherry Coke

Organic Sour Cherries ( Door County, WI)

Prichard's Distillery Rum (Whites Creek, TN)

Handmade Coca-Cola Reduction Sauce

CaityPies Cornmeal Crust

PBR Bacon Egg & Beer Cheese (Handpies only)

Country Ham Bacon, Gifford's Bacon (Nashville, TN)

Certified Naturally Grown Egg Yolk, Lost Weekend Farms (Madison, TN)

Merkt's & Sargento Cheeses (WI)

Pabst Blue Ribbon (WI)

CaityPies Cornmeal Crust



Our business

CaityPies are completely handmade, hand wrapped, and hand delivered.  

CaityPies utilize local ingredients and alcohol, and we rotate our flavors every month to bake in season with local produce in Tennessee.

Read our Pies page to learn more about our philosophy for our business, our history, and pies we have created.


your pie

Do you want a pie that will celebrate someone, a special treat, or a pie that sends a message?  Contact us to discuss a design, a flavor, and the timeline to get pie for your next event, as a gift, or just as a treat for yourself!

Use the delivery page to see our current options, delivery area, or start your order.

Look through the FAQ page to see if your question has been asked before and to learn more about our process.

"You could fill that crust with mud and it would still be a good pie.  It's all in the crust." - Lynn


"Cait...your pie was such a hit at the family thanksgiving that dad hid the pie and wasn't sharing it with anyone else!  No one was allowed to take a slice home!" - Erin


"We love caitypies!!" - The thompson kids


"Just had my first bite of pie.  better Put me down for another order. Delicious." - Howard


"If I were a midcentury hobo I would definitely steal that pie off of your window sill" - Alan


"[This is] What heaven must taste like!" - The Walsh Kids