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What are your current flavors?

Please see the monthly menu on our pies and order pages!!  We also offer limited edition flavors, if you follow us on social media.  Send me a message to find out if we can make any flavors that aren't currently on the menu.

What are your prices?

Available only in Market/Events:

Individual Handpies $5 (available at Market Only)

4 Handpies for $16 (available at Market Only)

Traditional Round Mini Pie (5" Round) $12 (available at Market Only or during Holiday Special Orders)

Available for Special Order Online:

Half Dozen Handpies Box $25
Dozen Handpies Box $45
Traditional Round Full Pie (9" Round) $30

Why $30 for a PIE?

CaityPies are made by hand - the only machine we use is an oven and an occasional mixer or food processor for our fillings - which is worth the price alone!  Sure, you can get a pie from the grocery store for half our price, but they won't be anywhere near as flaky or perfectly baked, they won't be made with locally sourced and natural ingredients (which are more expensive and  harder to find), and they won't have our cool alcohol themed flavors and crusts (and I don't need to tell you how expensive small batch alcohol can be).  They certainly WILL be filled with preservatives, though, so they have a longer shelf life than ours.  So, it's your choice!  We won't twist your arm.  By the end of 2018 we hope to teach baking classes, so you'll be able to make your own!

How many people can i feed with a Caitypie?

Our Handpies are individual serving size (though some would say it can be shared and others say they can eat 3 or 4 in a sitting)!  

A Mini Pie (5") makes 4 generous wedges.

A Full Pie (9") makes 8 generous wedges.

If you're looking to feed a dinner table, usually a half dozen CaityPies Handpies or a Full Pie will meet your needs.

How do i eat my caitypie?

CaityPies can be eaten chilled, room temperature, or heated, per your preference.  We suggest that most of our handpies be eaten warm - you can heat them at 350 degrees or microwave at 20 second intervals to your preferred temperature.  You may use the general instructions below, but oven temps and sizes/fillings may vary.  Check halfway through for warmth, and keep an eye on them so they don't overheat and burn!

Handpies: 350 Degrees for 5-8 Minutes

Mini Pies: 350 Degrees for 10-15 Minutes

Full Pies: 350 Degrees for 20-25 Minutes

Our only suggestion is to return your pies to a fridge after 2-4 hours to maintain safe temperatures for food, especially the savory pies.

How long do my caitypies last?

Technically our pies have a 2 week expiration date, but we suggest eating them within 2-3 days for the best crust texture and within 6-7 days for the best flavor (especially if your storage/fridge space has lots of flavors and smells).

CaityPies are made as quickly as we can manage with our time prior to market - never more than 3 days in advance of sale.  This is part of the reason we have a 3-5 day delay on special order requests.  We have limited time to bake and want you to have the freshest pie possible, so if we don't already have it made we will rush to get it prepared and in your hands!

Can I Freeze my Caitypies?

Absolutely!  We have found that if they are frozen in plastic wrap or tupperware they will keep for up to 2 weeks in the freezer, if they are double/triple wrapped in plastic they will last up to a month, and if they are vacuum sealed they can keep up to 2 months.  Add 5-10 minutes to your reheating time if they are frozen.



can i request designs in the crust?

We find that half of the joy of pie is the look of the pie, so we now factor specialized crust work into each order so that your pie will taste as great as it looks on Instagram.  To be fair, it's also the greatest fun in the baking process.  Browse through our social media accounts or Pies pages to see some examples of specialty crust work we've put together recently.  We can do a variety of lattice tops, braids, leaves, lettering, and cut out designs on your pie.  As musicians in Music City, you can see that a fair number of our pies include Western themes and musical instruments with our signature cacti and music note cut outs.  

If this is a birthday pie we can spell out "Happy Birthday [name]", write out the birthday digits, or try our best to make cut outs of the person's favorite things.  If the pie is a gift for a client or company we could write out the company name across a dozen handpies or feature a cut out that coordinates with their product.  If you have an out of town visitor, we can use our Nashville themed cut outs to wow them with cowboy boots and hats!  Let us know what you're looking for and we will do our best to make it happen!

If you aren't looking for anything special we will use seasonal or flavor coordinated shapes (leaves in the fall, or cherry cut outs on a cherry pie) or we will work with our favorite lattice and braiding techniques to make sure your pie looks great on any table.

Where can I find caitypies?

Please check out our Where page to see when we are mobile at a variety of markets and events in the Nashville area.  When we aren't at market we work out of our home in East Nashville (within accordance with Cottage Food Industry laws) and our shared commissary kitchen in Sylvan Park.  

Place an order through our website and we will be in touch within 24 hours to arrange a pick up/delivery date based on our current production abilities.  All orders are filled within 1 week, but are contingent on our existing production volume, available kitchen time, and sourcing ingredients.  We want to get the freshest pies to you, so all pies are made to order.  

What is the difference between a pie, a handpie, a fry pie...?

It depends on where you come from!  Any pie you can fit in your hand is a handpie, so fry pies, and some poptarts and turnovers are handpies (like a square is a rectangle).  CaityPies are baked, not deep fried, so we make the distinction that we produce handpies, not the typical fry pie you can find in TN (as a rectangle is not necessarily a square).

CaityPies are made with a homemade traditional or cornmeal pie crust dough that is hand rolled, cut, and filled with a homemade filling.  We then fold, crimp, and bake our pies in a hot oven.  Each pie is the equivalent of one serving size.  It's very similar to a traditional pie, but this one you can hold in your hand and don't need any silverware or plates to consume! 

CaityPies focuses on quality and texture of crust, so we have spent years perfecting our balance of fat to flour ratios.  A handpie gives you more crust experience than a traditional pie slice, so we want the flakiness of our product to stand out in a crowd!  Due to our dependence on a solid crust to hold in our fillings our handpies cannot be made gluten free.  See the information about dietary restrictions below.

Do you offer a gluten free and/or a vegan option?

Cait is educated in nutrition/dietetics and has a background working in natural/organic foods, so we are equipped to manage a variety of dietary restrictions in our production.  Our kitchen is NOT certified as allergen-free, so please keep that in mind if you have a severe allergy!

We are working on developing a gluten free and a vegan crust option for our pies.  Vegan and Gluten Free baking options change the flavor, texture, and mouth-feel of our crust, not to mention complicates the fillings we create.  We won't bring a product to market until it has our 100% seal of approval.  

Currently we are offering a Vegan crust using Crisco & vegan butter which tastes and functions very similarly to our normal crust.  We can offer any of our fruit pies in Vegan form and are working on new flavors for vegan fillings.  

Our Gluten Free friends can enjoy our take on a cookie crust using packaged gluten-free cookies and butter (or vegan butter).  This Gluten Free crust (and optional crumb topping) can only be made for Full and Mini pies in a selection of our flavors (Apple, Cherry, Chocolate, etc. see ordering page for more information).  Our handpies are not available gluten free, as we need the elasticity of gluten to hold the handpies together!

We want to know if you have a food/nut allergy when you are placing an order (most of our products don't have nuts unless marked [ie pecan pie] - we will be sure to clearly label allergens) and we will work to find something that meets your needs!  Use the Dietary Restriction option on the ordering page to let us know what you're looking for and use the comment section at the bottom of the ordering page to let us know specifically what you need (Restriction, Flavor, Size, and use this space to let us know if you have more than one restriction!!).  Cait will be in touch soon after to let you know what is available to meet your needs.  

Do you cater events or weddings?

We are currently growing our business to the size at which we can cater our Pie Bar at small events and weddings (up to about 150 patrons).  Please let us know what you are looking for and we will let you know whether we are available and the size of production we can currently meet.  Prices can be negotiaged for bulk quantities of our products.