Our Philosophy

  • use good ingredients

  • have fun with flavors

  • embrace imperfection

  • shop locally & seasonally

  • make everything you can by hand

  • use heritage-quality ingredients & techniques

  • build community supporting small businesses

  • practice body kindness and spread weight & food neutral language


photo by Rachel Growden

photo by Rachel Growden


Our Body Kindness Mission

CaityPies' Founder, Cait Guszkowski, had a long personal & professional journey working for weight loss and exercise companies, completing a masters degree in sociolinguistics (studying food and language), and studying dietetics. It became clear to her years ago that she practiced disordered eating, body dysmorphic disorder, and orthorexia, and has only recently begun her own body kindness journey.

Providing the public with desserts also meant listening to a barrage of self-hate from customers. “I shouldn’t” “I can’t” “I don’t deserve to”… are common phrases customers use when discussing treats. For this reason we made a sign for the booth that states “No Diet Talk”. We encourage customers to make intuitive decisions about food rather than encouraging and perpetuating shame-based language and thoughts.

While we are happy to provide modified pies for people with food allergies, we firmly believe that our society has put too much pressure on food choices and our bodies, and that people should be able to enjoy good, handmade, farm-to-table treats without guilt or shame.  We bake with sugar, butter, and lard, sourcing as many of our animal products as possible from local farms.

We will not bake you a sweet pie without sugar. 

We can't bake you a pie without fat. 

We won't provide calorie counts.

We will bake you a pie with love, like grandma did.

Our Story

Cait and Chris met in 2017 in Nashville and joked about selling the pies Cait was baking out of her apartment.  After 6 months of planning and experimenting they started selling pies on October 5th, 2017 under Cottage Law. Within three months they had pushed beyond the capacity of their 500 sq ft apartment and joined Citizen Kitchens for their commercial license. Across 2018 they each quit their job to bake full time and experimented with farmers markets, craft fairs, events, orders, and wholesale accounts. In 2019 they settled into a rhythm and have created a semi-permanent home with Citizen Kitchens East within the Hunter’s Station Building in Five Points, East Nashville. On the side they are growing Chris’s dream business, Beard & Bark, a low & slow smoked bbq and spice company. The dream is to one day open a small, unpretentious pie and bbq diner open late in the evenings in the neighborhoods north/east of Nashville.

photo by Brooke Dainty

photo by Brooke Dainty

We built this business on unique, outspoken, nerdy pies. Scroll through some of our most famous pie crust adventures below!