Our Philosophy

use good ingredients

shop locally & Seasonally

make everything you can by hand

a delicious crust needs butter & lard

have fun with flavors

embrace imperfection

we are just two people trying to make a damn good pie

 photo by Brooke Dainty

photo by Brooke Dainty

CaityPies is an anti food-shaming business.

CaityPies' Founder, Cait Guszkowski, had a long personal & professional journey working through the fields of

Disordered Eating, Dietary Restrictions, and Orthorexia. 

While we are happy to provide modified pies for people with food allergies, we firmly believe that our society has put too much pressure on food choices and our bodies, and that people should be able to enjoy good, handmade, farm to table treats without guilt or shame.  We bake with sugar, butter, and lard, sourcing as many of our animal products as possible from local farms.

We will not bake you a sweet pie without sugar.  We can't bake you a pie without fat.  We won't provide calorie counts.

We will bake you a pie with love, like grandma did.

Our Story


Our founder, Cait Guszkowski, moved by herself to Nashville, TN from her home in Milwaukee, WI for a job in investments.  She had finished her masters degree as a linguist (studying language, society, and specifically how we talk about food and our bodies), and had then studied to be a nutritionist, but was starting to believe that business organization and management was the only thing she could do 9-5 with her odd assortment of interests.  She baked pies in her free time and gave them to new friends across East Nashville.


Cait and Chris met and joked about starting the most painfully shy band in the history of Nashville (Cait on violin and Chris on guitar, neither singing because of stage fright).   Chris had worked for years as a diesel mechanic and was also living in Nashville, alone, pursuing a dream of sound engineering and working the early shift in a food warehouse.  

After taking a pie to a friend's birthday party in a brewery in February, they took a long walk and discussed a dream pie & cocktail bakery.  Their friendship evolved along with their dream from the Nashville music scene to the dream of owning Nashville's first pie bar.

Six months later, after lots of research and business plan edits, Cait took a leap into business ownership.  The business started as a Cottage Industry home bakery in their 500 sq ft apartment.

The first CaityPie was sold to the public on 10/5/2017.  By December the demand for pies had grown large enough that the bakery moved to a shared kitchen, Citizen Kitchens, in Sylvan Park.


In January 2018 CaityPies entered the local Farmers Market circuit.

Cait quit her day job in March 2018.

By May CaityPies had it's Manufacturer's Permit and started selling pies to Dino's, Old Made Good, and a number of other local coffee shops, bars, and retail spots.

Chris quit his day job in July 2018, and began the steps to open his meat smoking business, Beard & Bark, alongside the pie company.

They both work 90 hour weeks, are tired all the time, and learning every day.  They are not married.  They still live in a 500 sq ft apartment.  They still dream of opening a Pie Bar in the neighborhood.  They still have only played one song together.