Holiday Pies 2018


Christmas Pies

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if you'd like more than one of each option, please tell us in the message box below! All handpie boxes are an even mix of our apple, berry, and chocolate flavors.
If you need your pie early due to travel dates, please let me know and we will find a delivery time the week prior. Milwaukee Pick Up Time on Christmas Eve cannot be modified.

Please hit Submit and we will send you an invoice or email asap!

Corporate Gift Box Order Form

Send the gift of pie to your favorite businesses and office workers this holiday season! We have two FREE DELIVERY days to make sure your gift is delivered on time!

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Deliveries only valid for Davidson County
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All Gift Boxes are a mix of our sweet handpie flavors: Spiced Apple Crumble Ginger Winter Berry Chocolate Pretzel Stout
Please tell us where you need each box delivered and any extra details about your order.
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