Get your hands on a CaityPie

There are so many ways to get a CaityPie into your hands, but because we are a small business with only two employees and no store front we know it can be confusing!


Come See Us In Market!

The easiest way to find a CaityPie handpie is to show up to our weekly markets right at opening time.

The Bullet Points:

  • Come Early! Occasionally an exciting flavor may sell out within the first 15 minutes of market.

  • In market we always come prepared with the full handpie menu and occasional pie specials (like pot pies and mini pies).

  • If you want to guarantee tasting a certain flavor we suggest ordering a box or whole pie ahead of time for market pick up.

  • Some specials (like smoked meat pies, or big pie specials) may not be available for special order if we only have a limited supply, and we always indicate such on our instagram as “FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE”

Ordering CaityPies - AS OF 4/13/19 WE ARE NOT TAKING NEW ORDERS UNTIL jUNE 2019!

Our Ordering Page includes links for half dozens & full dozens of each handpie flavor, our popular “One Of Each” box, our classic Whole Pie selection, and links for specials/holiday pies as they become available.

CaityPies are currently available:

  • For pick up in market Saturday with 48 hours notice.

  • For delivery outside of market times Tuesday - Saturday for orders $100 or more within Davidson County.

  • Holiday Specials may have pick up times outside of the normal hours. As you select your order the pick up times will be indicated.

Customized Crusts are available on most classic pies - they are best on double crust pies like apple/cherry/blueberry/pot pie etc.

  • If you would like for your pie order to include a pie crust message, please leave us instructions in the Special Instructions box at checkout.

  • If we are unable to fill that request we will email you to discuss other options.

  • If you would like a completely unique, customized crust & pie we recommend using the Custom Pie form as described below.

Requesting a Custom Flavor or Event Pies - AS OF 4/13/19 WE ARE NOT TAKING NEW ORDERS UNTIL jUNE 2019!

If you are looking for a whole pie or box of handpies in a unique flavor - such as a previous seasonal CaityPies hit, or a custom flavor for an event - please send us a Custom Request. These pies usually cost $30 or more in order to buy all of the necessary ingredients for the individual pie.

Please use this form to begin the conversation for weddings, parties, and large events. We will customize your order based on flavors, amounts, and sizes of pies. Please note that we do NOT do wedding mark ups - we discount our pies to wholesale pricing as the order becomes large enough to cover our costs.

Visit Our Wholesale Partners!

If you are visiting town and are unable to make it to market, or if you have an itch that only a CaityPie will scratch on a Sunday-Monday when we aren’t available, please go out and find the CaityPies inventory carried in our wholesale partners’ shops/bars.

Call ahead! We can’t guarantee flavors or availability, but you can always call ahead to each shop to see what they have in stock!

Plus, every time you buy a CaityPie in one of our wholesalers shops you are reminding them how great our product is so we can mutually support one anothers’ business - and small business is what makes this world go round!