November Market Menu




Maple bacon coffee crumble

Tastes like a pancake breakfast. Enjoy with a cup of coffee.

Maple & Bacon Custard

Espresso & Red Eye Rye Spiked Crumble (Nashville, TN)

CaityPies Cornmeal Crust


Spiced Rum Chocolate Pecan

Gotta get them spiced nuts. This year we upgraded our pecans with an extra spicy cayenne kick and a dark chocolate drizzle for extra love.

Corsair Spiced Rum (Nashville, TN)

Brown Butter, Cayenne, & Cinnamon Spiced Pecans

Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate

CaityPies Cornmeal Crust


Whiskey Sweet Potato

Personally, we love Sweet Potato pie more than Pumpkin - Sorry, not sorry. Find out why with this bad boy.

Locally Grown Sweet Potatoes (Nashville, TN)

Spices, Local Cream, and Local Eggs (Inglewood, TN)


CaityPies Cornmeal Crust


Bourbon Caramel Apple

It's not fall until you're eating a caramel apple on a hay ride. Amiright?


Housemade Bellemeade Bourbon (Nashville, TN) Caramel Sauce

TN Grown, Pesticide Free Apples (Loretto, TN)

CaityPies Cornmeal Crust



Sausage & Stout Quiche

Super savory, creamy, stout filled breakfast pie is how champions start their day.


Breakfast Sage Sausage Caramelized in Founder’s Breakfast Stout

Farm Fresh Chicken & Duck Eggs (Stomping Ground Herbal, Inglewood, TN)

Brie & Cream

CaityPies Cornmeal Crust


Pot Pies


Pot Pie Of The Day

What looks good each day from our produce vendors? Maybe sweet potatoes, maybe they’ve got some oyster mushrooms, green beans, or dinosaur kale. Maybe our meat vendors have fresh heritage turkeys or our meat smokers have juicy smoked chicken!

Whatever we find in stock with our local farms we will weave into Today’s Pot Pie.

Check in with us if you’d like to order a traditional pot pie 9” $30 or two 5” pot pies ($15 each) or want to take a gamble and get the chef’s choice with our local produce!


Thanksgiving pot pie

Our local turkey farmers at Pure Pasture Farm and meat smoker at Beard & Bark have collaborated to provide us with smoked heritage turkey for the first two weeks of November. While we have the smoked heritage turkey in stock we will create our Thanksgiving Pot Pie. Send an order to guarantee a taste!

Caramelized Onion & Celery Herb Stuffing Layer

Smoked Heritage Turkey and Sweet Potatoes in Creamy Gravy

Fresh Cranberry & Orange Relish Topping

CaityPies Cornmeal Crust

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