December Market Menu

(In January 2019 we will switch to a permanent menu)




spiced apple crumble

Our twist on Nana’s classic apple mincemeat. No meat, just good spices and dried fruit mixed into fresh apples and topped with a Spiced Rum sugar cookie crumble.

Fresh Green Apples

Meat-free Mincemeat Mix (raisins, dried apples, molasses, spices)

Sugar Cookie Streusel Topping w/ Spiced Rum

CaityPies Cornmeal Crust


Ginger Winter Berry

A tart, bright take on holiday flavors - like if Key Lime Pie were hosting the holidays. And just wait til you pop it open and see the bright red filling!

Fresh Cranberry & Raspberry Curd (seedless)

Corsair Distillery Gin (Nashville, TN)

Gingersnap Crumble (or gingersnap crust for full pie)

CaityPies Cornmeal Crust


Chocolate Pretzel Stout

Rich, chocolatey filling with a hint of beer and topped with chocolate & pretzels!

Dark, Sweet Chocolate Cream

Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout

Pretzel & Chocolate Topping

CaityPies Cornmeal Crust (or pretzel crust in full pie)


Beef & potato pasty

Our most traditional & simple savory filling yet - a tradition from the UK that is shared in the northern part of North America.


Ground Beef

Potatoes & Onions

Spices & Black Pepper

CaityPies Cornmeal Crust


Pie By the Slice


We will rotate flavors on and off the table across December. Here are a few we will serve by the slice this month:

Eggnog Creme Brulee Chess Pie (Ugghhh don’t miss this!)

Chocolate Peppermint Pie (Holiday appropriate spiking here)

Chocolate Pretzel Stout Pie

Ginger Winter Berry Pie

Spiced Apple Crumble Pie

Pot Pies


Pot Pie Of The Day

What looks good each day from our produce vendors? Maybe sweet potatoes, maybe they’ve got some oyster mushrooms, green beans, or dinosaur kale. Maybe our meat vendors have fresh heritage turkeys or our meat smokers have juicy smoked chicken!

Whatever we find in stock with our local farms we will weave into Today’s Pot Pie.

Check in with us if you’d like to order a traditional pot pie 9” $30 or two 5” pot pies ($15 each) or want to take a gamble and get the chef’s choice with our local produce!

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